Driving Directions

Note: You can also get directions by clicking on orange icon on map above then click “directions” then type where you will be traveling from in the box that will appear below.

From the North

Proceed South from the Hayward traffic lights passing through the Kennedy Good Bridge traffic lights, Kelson traffic lights and Belmont traffic lights.

Turn left at the Block Road traffic lights and follow this road around under the Melling Bridge and on to Pharazyn St.  Stay on Pharazyn St for 1km and turn first left into Marsden Street.

Follow this around for about 0.5km and the Church and car park will be seen on the left.

From the South

Proceed north from Wellington towards the Hutt Valley.

Stay on State Highway 2 until the Dowse Interchange.

Exit off the highway at the Interchange and turn right around the roundabout.

Exit and turn right at the roundabout at the bottom of the off ramp into Old Hutt Road and proceed north towards Lower Hutt.

Follow Old Hutt Rd which swings to the right into Railway Ave.

Proceed 0.5km and take the lane on the left before the over-bridge. Do not cross over the river on the Ewen Bridge.

At the end of the lane, turn left heading north into Marsden Street. The church is on your right. Turn right into the car park.