At Hutt City Church we believe that Life Groups are an essential part of church life. Just as families are the building blocks of society, Life Groups are the primary building blocks of a healthy church. Similarly, as families come in all shapes and sizes, so do our Life Groups.

Life Groups meet regularly, usually for 1‑2 hours, fortnightly in a person’s home. Some Life Groups meet for short periods (to cover a specific topic) others are more open ended. Some Life Groups meet out of a shared interest such as a hobby, skill or area of service. While the majority of time may be given to activity around that interest, all Life Groups include a spiritual dynamic to varying degrees.

Central to many Life Group gatherings is a discussion that explores an aspect of life. While the Bible can often be a starting basis for discussion, so are specific topics and subjects of interest.

Shared meals and social occasions feature frequently in the calendar of Life Groups and are an essential ingredient to developing relationships.

Life Groups are the first point of contact when people need help and therefore provide front-line pastoral care for the church community through practical support, prayer and encouragement.

What is our purpose?

Life Groups reflect the broader purposes of the church, only in a more intimate and personal way: that is, Life Groups are where discipleship happens.

The key purpose that underlie our Life Groups are:

  • help people discover and begin their journey towards knowing Jesus Christ
  • equip and empower participants to mature in Jesus Christ
  • develop relationships within the Life Group and church community
  • provide practical and spiritual care and support to those in need
  • foster a Christian-worldview based Biblical truth.

To find out more or join a life group contact Morag Housiaux at

027 488 5630 //